Old World Industries/Peak


Old World Industries/Peak

Led by flagship brands PEAK, BlueDEF and Final Charge, Old World Industries boasts a 40-year history of American ingenuity. Forty years of developing automotive and heavy duty products for the most extreme climates and working conditions that equal billions of miles on the road in big rigs and billions of hours of heavy equipment in the mines and on the farm.

Their founders, Tom Hurvis and Riaz Waraich, started the Old World Trading Company in November of 1973, trading chemicals during the petrochemical shortage. Their ambition, entrepreneurial spirit and American ingenuity fueled the creation and expansion of Old World Industries and the development of the PEAK, BlueDEF and PEAK Commercial & Industrial product families. In 2014, Founding Partner, Riaz Waraich passed away but left an ever lasting impact on Old World Industries. Riaz’s determination and ambition were instrumental in the growth of Old World Industries from a small operation to the Global Leader that exists today.

Constant research, development, and challenging traditional thinking has continued to fuel an expansive product lineup for 40 years.

Today, Old World Industries proudly provides automotive and heavy duty products to more than 60 countries around the globe.

Old World Industries has built a strong global relationship with its suppliers, customers and consumers based on decades of trust

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. With distribution in more than 60 countries and ties to all major retail outlets, business partners trust Old World Industries to deliver. And they do – with a 99.3 percent on-time delivery rate.

Bringing Value to Market Quickly
Old World Industries is quick, nimble and more proactive to the market to deliver needed products on time, with global distribution and outstanding support. The company’s rich history of strong customer relationships and recognition attest to its dedication to quality, support and overall value.